Digital Success in Real Estate with SEO Philippines

The real estate industry is changing rapidly. A few years ago, people who are looking for houses would go on house trippings frequently prospecting for their next home. Now, the buying process has evolved. Potential customers would usually look for options online first to save time and money. That is why SEO Philippines is critical for any real estate company.

With 7 years of experience in the real estate and property development in the Philippines, Next AsiaLand aims to expand through careful planning and strategical marketing. We believe that providing Filipinos quality and affordable homes requires a passion for excellence. Take a look at our journey.

Next AsiaLand’s Story

Next AsiaLand started its roots in 2012 through buying and selling properties in premium villages. We then expanded its business by diving into housing and townhouse development in the south. In just two years, we were able to expand and develop properties in high-demand areas like Paranaque, Muntinlupa, and Las Pinas.

With the success in the Metro South, Next AsiaLand has now set their sights on developing more properties further in the south in the progressing region of CALABARZON.

This success is thanks to our team’s attention to detail. From designing, planning, and execution, they make sure that each house satisfies the needs of their clients. This earned Next AsiaLand a reputation for providing modern-designed yet affordable homes thus our tagline: Affordable Homes Made Easy.

Next AsiaLand’s Secret to Success

Behind these beautifully designed homes in prime locations, Next AsiaLand’s true secret lies within our team. We are guided and united by our common goal: to provide affordable, accessible, and well-crafted homes to Filipino families.

We believe that any company striving for success needs to have foundational values that will help in attaining a goal and so we established the following core values for our team:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Ownership
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

Every day, we try to embody these core values. These are the values that helped our team gather 15 development projects and 274 housing units in the past 5 years and we strongly believe that these values will help us improve these numbers in the next 5 years.

While we are not yet at the top of the industry, we also aim to be recognized as one of the leading real estate developers in the industry by establishing an excellent track record over the years.

Entering the Digital Market

Because of the rising internet accessibility in the Philippines in 2014, we decided to start a website because we wanted to be founded online. So in November 2014, we bought the domain and started working on it. However, it was not as successful as we thought it would be.

Our expertise in web development is little. We maintained the website by posting property listings but it wasn’t making any money.

Since the number of internet users in the Philippines is continuously rising and we acknowledge the changing buying process of customers, we believed that our website can do more. And so in 2019, we acquired the services of the number 1 SEO company in the Philippines, SEO-Hacker. They are a team of search engine optimization specialist that knows what it takes to make sure businesses appear on the first page of Google. They are lead by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si.

SEO Success

To make sure our website is SEO ready, we commissioned SEO-Hacker to build our website from scratch. A well designed and functional website is the foundation of any SEO campaign and their team of expert web developers has experience and knowledge. We were going to lose all progress from 2014 but it was worth the shot.

When the Next AsiaLand website was relaunched in May 2019, the SEO team targetted 5 primary keywords to increase our online visibility. And since the website was built from the ground, we were not even at the top 100 of the search results.

Efforts were continuously put in by the SEO team. The content was published through the Next AsiaLand blog, high-quality links were built for authority, and continuous technical website improvements were made.

After 2 months, the number of users went from 0 to 1,000 plus per month. Rankings started to improve as well. From not in top 100, keywords that were being targetted continuously increased and is currently on the second page. The progress is on point. It’s a slow and steady process but SEO was worth the shot.

From 6-year-old website that was getting almost no leads at all, the Next AsiaLand website started to get around 2-4 leads a day. Users were not only coming from the Philippines but also from OFWs across the world.

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