Accessible Living with House and Lot for Sale in Parañaque

Accessible Living in a House and Lot for Sale in Parañaque

Owning a house and lot for sale in Parañaque has many advantages. Individuals looking for accessibility will enjoy what Parañaque has to offer. This mix of urban and rural areas has become increasingly popular over the years. Escaping the daily hustle of the city has become a top priority for the working class.

Growing families and newlyweds will enjoy the calm uniqueness of the south. The cities that make up the south are Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Makati, Pasay, and Taguig. Living in the south allows you to access popular tourist spots like Laguna and Batangas.

Choosing to live in the south presents a unique slow-paced lifestyle that manages stress much better than city living. Owning a house in the south is convenient and practical without sacrificing lifestyle demands.


Brief History of the City

Brief History of the City

Before it became the city it is today, during the Pre-Spanish era of the Philippines, Parañaque was a simple fishing town. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, alongside other Spanish colonizers, discovered Parañaque as a place mainly for fishing or “paglalayag”. The community of Muntinlupa and Parañaque would often mingle with each other during celebrations.

One celebration called for the naming of their locales. A final decision was made and the official name was “Palanyag”. When the Spanish era finally arrived, it was renamed to “Para Aniya Ake”. Native coachmen found the use of “Para, aqui, para aqui” to be quirky, as most might not understand Spanish at the time. Soon, Parañaque stuck as a name for the natives.


High-Quality Facilities Near a House and Lot for Sale in Paranaque

High-Quality Facilities Near a House and Lot for Sale in Paranaque

Living in proximity to high-quality facilities improves the overall quality of life. Parañaque is the pioneer of convenient and accessible facilities that the public can greatly benefit from. The difference between living in populous and high foot traffic areas is that most facilities can easily become run down due to the wear and tear experienced daily.

The Verdant Teoville embodies the future of urban living. This conveniently located community of townhouses is located in BF Parañaque. Verdant Teoville is filled with affordable townhouses with high-quality amenities and facilities.

Why should you choose Verdant Teoville over other properties? The answer to that question is easy. The Verdant Teoville offers units with over 103 square meters of lot area. The garage is readily available for use upon moving in. This gated community is just 500 meters away from SM BF and Puregold BF.

Verdant Teoville uniquely offers fully furnished and finished townhouses, making these units ready for use. For all models of Verdant Teoville, 3 bedrooms are included, making it the optimal option for a family. There is a 24-hour security system within the premises that promises that every exit and entry is secure.

Verdant Teoville Amenities and Facilities:

  • Gated Community

  • Dedicated 24/7 Security

  • CCTVs

  • Jogging Track

  • Conveniently located nearby schools, malls, churches and hospitals that guarantee 100% accessibility

The other advantage of purchasing a house and lot for sale in Parañaque is that this city is close in proximity to other cities that also have accessible facilities. Here are some evident facilities in Parañaque:


Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the one and only airport that serves Metro Manila. Benigno Aquino was assassinated on August 21, 1983, after returning to his self-imposed exile. 5 years later, to honor his name, the airport was renamed under the Republic Act No. 6639. Manila established four airfields back in the 1930s.

Air travel was very popular at the time because of the many foreign troops traveling in and out of the Philippines. Grace Park airfield and Nielson Tower are mostly for civilians. For military personnel, Camp Aguinaldo and Nichols were readily available.



For shopping needs, there are various malls that can cater to any budget. Filipinos love to shop, live and be seen. Often you can see many locals sporting branded clothing and shoes to keep up with the trends. Smartphones and other gadgets are also popular choices among youth.

Shopping malls in the Philippines are treated as leisure facilities. Filipinos will hang out in the mall to have fun and luckily, Parañaque isn’t short on shopping malls.



A house and lot for sale in Parañaque is conveniently near many medical facilities. No need to worry about going to the north to get the best medical solutions. The neighboring cities can address advanced cases. Medical facilities are important for any city.

This determines the overall morale and health of the citizens. Preventing potential outbreaks can impact the future, especially if the medical facilities are properly utilized.



Education is an important part of a child’s development. High-quality education can be easily accessed in Parañaque, Muntinlupa and other surrounding cities. Depending on the beliefs and preferences, there are many schools and universities to choose from that can fit various specifications.


Tourist Spots

Tourist Spots

Parañaque is not only a city with highly accessible facilities but also tourist spots for all ages. These tourist spots are integrated within Parañaque and not many people may be familiar with these spots. Regardless, these tourist spots offer educational experiences that anyone can enjoy. Owning a house and lot for sale in Parañaque allows for easy access to these significant tourist spots.


Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area

LPCHEA is a natural sanctuary that’s encompassed by the south of Manila Bay and the Coastal Road. Enjoy the 175 hectares of the wetland ecosystem of Freedom Island and Long Island. This area is where visitors can commune and study the diverse ecosystem of LPCHEA.

Wild migratory birds can be found settling and nesting in this little haven by the bay. LPCHEA also has the thickest mangrove within Manila Bay. These mangroves serve as protection for the sea creatures in the coastal side of Parañaque.


Kulay Diwa Gallery of Contemporary Art

This privately owned art gallery is for interested artists and enthusiasts who want to discover up and coming local artisans. The goal of Kulay Diwa is to make art more accessible in the south. This gallery can accommodate large scale artworks and various outdoor programs for performances and sculptures.


Baclaran Church

Baclaran Church is a Romanesque church that is one of the largest Marian churches in the Philippines. This beloved landmark is dedicated to the one and only Mother of Perpetual Help. Redemptionist priests brought the Mother of Perpetual Help to Baclaran in 1906. The first Baclaran Novena was on June 23, 1948, which gives birth to Baclaran Day, both of which are Wednesdays.


Food for Your Soul

Food for Your Soul

Filipinos have an intimate relationship with food. Dining with family and friends can bring relationships closer. There is something special about sharing a meal with loved ones that’s irreplaceable. The local businesses took advantage of the Filipinos’ love for food. The various establishments that stretch throughout Parañaque can cater to many budgets and food cravings. Thankfully, restaurants are in proximity to various houses and lots for sale in Parañaque.

Sensei Sushi

The food in Sensei Sushi is based on local ingredients. Chef Bruce Ricketts tackled Japanese food strategically to offer a modern taste for patrons. Japanese cuisine lovers will definitely enjoy the daily specials conveniently written on the chalkboard. Every meal ordered is made in-house for a genuine, cozy feel.

Spiral Buffet

The Spiral Buffet is one of the most coveted buffets in Asia. It’s easy to see why because Spiral takes buffet dining beyond the norm. This international buffet is inspired by French standards. There are around 21 dining ateliers and varied food stations.

Tus’ Restaurant

Tus’ is dedicated to serving only the heartiest meals served in clay pots and skillets. A cozy dining experience is readily available for those who are ready to explore European cuisine with a twist. Classic methods of cooking bring out every spice and herb used for each dish.


Accessible Commercial Establishments

Accessible Commercial Establishments

Commercial establishments are an important part of the Filipino lifestyle. More pop-up stores and malls accommodate picky shoppers to satisfy their shopping cravings. Local business owners see the profit in computer cafes and printing shops.

Corner store hardware is especially popular for small family businesses. Here are some commercial establishments to visit in Parañaque for any budget.


Baclaran Market

Baclaran Market sells one of the cheapest merchandise in Metro Manila. There’s a need to travel deep into Divisoria for good deals as Baclaran Market can match and offer great prices, as well as an assortment of clothing and supplies. Shoppers can also find fresh produce at competitive prices.



Duty-Free is the perfect shopping mecca to find foreign goods for a discounted price. The liquor section of Duty-Free is quite popular among OFWs and Balikbayans. One section any consumer shouldn’t miss out on is the extensive chocolate section of Duty-Free.


Entertainment for All Ages

Entertainment for All Ages

Parañaque is the city to work and play in. The various casinos recently established over the years are not only open to gaming fans but are also great family hangout destinations. A house and lot for sale in Parañaque is located near these entertainment centers so any group of friends or family can kick off a great weekend here.

Pagcor Entertainment City is currently being developed, with construction expected to start in 2021. Entertainment City is aiming to be the Las Vegas of Asia. There are many activities for families and gambling enthusiasts in this conveniently located city in Roxas Boulevard, Parañaque.


DreamPlay by DreamWorks

Fun and interactive activities await at DreamPlay. DreamPlay is a fully airconditioned theme park that features characters from well-loved DreamWorks animated films. Children can enjoy wall climbing and learn kung fu with Po from Kung Fu Panda. Join Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon and explore the detailed design of the dragon display.

Try baking with Gingy from Shrek and tour Shrek’s house at the swamp stomp. DreamTheatre allows visitors to enjoy 4D technology.


Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the City of Dreams Manila that offers hassle-free services and exquisite facilities. The hotel’s structure and design is a mix of oriental and modern influences. The subtle interior appeals to the minimalist soul. Guests can experience authentic Japanese dining at the world-renowned Nobu Restaurant.


Hyatt Regency Manila

The world-class Hyatt Regency Manila is a treat on its own. Hyatt as a brand provides luxury and the highest level of personalized service available for guests to enjoy. Guests who have World of Hyatt memberships can enjoy exclusive perks as a member of the program.


Solaire Resort Casino

Solaire is a resort casino overlooking Manila Bay. Solaire caters to guests who want a luxury resort experience in Manila. There are over 10 boutiques in Solaire that include YSL, Prada, Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, and more. Just through the rotating doors are the slot machines and casino games. High rollers can enjoy a separate floor for some privacy.


The Theatre at Solaire

Solaire is also a world-class venue for concerts, performances, and critically acclaimed musicals. The Theatre at Solaire features a fan-shaped architecture and houses over 1,760 seats. Fans of the performing arts will enjoy a lavishly equipped theater that offers premium sound quality with the Constellation Acoustic System by Meyer Sound.


The Fountain at Okada Manila

The Fountain in Okada Manila can rival performances of international water choreographed, light and music performances. The estimated size of the fountain is equivalent to about 50 Olympic Sized swimming pools equipped with the latest underwater robots, lights, speakers and over 700 high power jets that impressively shoot beyond the height of Okada Manila. Fountain shows are readily available 365 days a year for guests and tourists to enjoy.


Cove Manila

Cove Manila is a 9,000 sqm beach club and night club that features a butterfly-shaped pool and 3 story buildings. Enjoy private cabanas with exclusive hot tubs conveniently located at Cove Manila. Get a taste of Miami at Cove Manila with its inspired interiors and beach decor. The whole dome-shaped structure screams luxurious, especially at night with state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment. Feel the summer vibes all year at Cove Manila.


Live an accessible lifestyle with NextAsia

Acquiring a house and lot for sale in Parañaque will allow you to live the most promising life you could ever desire. Living in the south guarantees various activities and a wonderful community any family can participate in. There are tons of different establishments for shopping, watching movies and diverse dining options that you can explore in Parañaque.

The nightlife in the south is far from dull, the various entertainment hubs such as the Entertainment City and other surrounding areas are highly accessible by commuting or driving.

Allow NextAsia to assist you in finding the home and community of your dreams. Put your trust into our experienced real estate development company to bring your investments to new horizons. NextAsia properties are built with affordability in mind without sacrificing and compromising quality.

There are professional and qualified property consultants that are ready to aid you in every step. Contact NextAsia today to start your new lifestyle in Parañaque.

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