The Best House And Lot For Sale In Laguna For Your Forever Home

The Best House and Lot for Sale in Laguna for Your Forever Home

If you choose a house and lot for sale in Laguna, you are more than likely to find your retirement home. Laguna is a popular destination for both tourists and locals because of the rich history and its integrated, lush environment.

Choosing Laguna allows you to escape from the toxicity of bigger cities. Laguna leaves no worries for those in search of job opportunities with cities constantly building new commerce and business centers. For those religiously inclined, Laguna is one of the top places to visit for your pilgrimage. Visit various cathedrals and churches, bring yourself closer to the community and your religion.

Good retirement investments should be of great value for your money. Starting as early as possible for your retirement plan will set the path to your future. Nowadays, most are blinded by material things, which can easily depreciate. Cars are bought just to elicit envy in other people. The latest phones are just gadgets become slower over the years. Shopping for designer shoes and clothes are just temporary highs that can be replaced over and over. Essentially, yes, money can buy temporary happiness. But why not put your hard earned money into a house and lot that you can call your own?

Imagine buying land at a good value. We are the shepherds of this earth and with that in mind, we must take it to heart. Taking care of the land we’ve received for future generations is the greatest gift anyone could ever give. Investing in this house and lot for sale in Laguna for the future can alleviate thoughts about achieving the Filipino dream. What is the Filipino dream you ask? Watch celebrities and YouTubers, especially your fellow Filipinos. Doesn’t it spark joy when they’re able to afford homes for their families at an early age? Imagine being set for life as early as possible.

Picture yourself owning a home. Owning something tangible with your own effort and with minimal assistance is just one of the best feelings in the world. It’s a personal achievement anyone can put their pride into because life now is quite difficult. It’s not the same as before. However, this puts more meaning in life. The little things begin to become bigger, they matter. Putting your heart and soul into a place that you can call yours is well deserved.

Not only will you get a house and lot for sale in Laguna, but you’ll also bring your dream to life. If it’s your dream to own a forever home that you can share with your family, friends and loved ones, this is the best place to start. Whether it’s a house and lot for sale in Paranaque or elsewhere, investing aggressively into a place you can call your own can be one of your greatest achievements in the long haul. Just believe in yourself. Don’t give up hope and start taking action now. If you want to learn more about Laguna, grab a snack, a drink, and read more.


The Rich History of Laguna

The Rich History Of Laguna

In CALABARZON, Laguna is one of the provinces you can find. You can find Laguna in the southeast of Manila, with Santa Cruz as its capital. The name Laguna originated from the Spanish word “Lago” which means lake. Our national hero, Jose Rizal, was born in Laguna, just one of the fun facts about this province.

Laguna was named after Laguna de Bay, the enormous body of water in the northern boundary. Laguna de Bay in Spanish means “Lake of Bay”, which is very appropriate for the province. Captain Juan Salcedo, along with his military brigade and Bisayan associates, conquered the province and surrounding areas for Spain in 1571.

Christianization came to light several years later with the assistance of two Franciscan friars. Around 1577, Franciscan missionaries arrived in Laguna. Approximately one year later, the evangelization of Laguna began. Juan de Placencia and Diego de Oropesa were sent to the towns of Bay, Caliraya, Majayjay, Liliw, Pila, Santa Cruz, Lumban, Pangil, and Siniloan. Years later, Fray Hernando Cabrera founded San Pablo de Los Montes, which is now known as San Pablo. Fray Hernando built a wooden church and convent in 1678.

At the time, the bay was one of the most populous towns and was considered the capital until the seat of the government was moved to Pagsanjan. Later, Santa Cruz heralded it as the capital. There was a division of the provinces of Laguna and Tayabas in 1754, which separated the towns of Majayjay and Lucban from Malinao River.

The province was not except for bloody battles. The Chinese made a valiant last stand in the mountains of San Pablo and strategically fortified the lands of Cavinti and Lumban. However, they surrendered in Pagsanjan in 1670.

The resilient residents of Laguna province also fought against British colonizers. Captain Thomas Backhouse was in search of silver. Francisco de San Juan of Pagsanjan, with volunteers, led several engagements around the province. Captain Backhouse was not having it and burnt the newly constructed church. But a big surprise came for Captain Backhouse as San Juan successfully hid and transported the hoard to Pampanga. San Juan was honored as a hero, a brigade commander, and alcalde mayor of Tayabas province.

Even with the challenges presented by colonizers, war and religious occupation, Laguna slowly evolved into a peaceful province it is today, progressive and thriving.


Memorable Cities to Settle in Laguna

Memorable Cities To Settle In Laguna

There are many cities with multiple houses and lots for sale in Laguna. There are some cities that definitely stand out. These cities have certain distinct features that make each special. Laguna, in general, has so many places to see and visit, you won’t ever get bored. The recent emergence of real estate investors has attracted many property developers to this province. It’s the province to go to for new business opportunities in the south.

When making the right choice for you, know what you want. Research on various aspects, such as cost of living, transportation, and infrastructure. You’d be surprised about the information you uncovered. Be a smart consumer, this is where you’ll potentially invest in your hard earned savings. Make your decision count. With that being said, here are two cities in Laguna that you’ll definitely want to double check:


Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa has everything you might need. It has the modern comforts of the metro, conveniently built in the south. This city will guarantee that you’ll enjoy both the futuristic and suburban aspect it offers. You can find Santa Rosa approximately 40 kilometers from Manila and 50 kilometers northwest of Santa Cruz.

Santa Rosa is accessible by using the South Luzon Express Way. The two exits you’ll find in Santa Rosa are Greenfield City Exit and Santa Rosa Exit. For travel within the vicinity, public transportation is also available for easy access.

Santa Rosa is definitely laid back. As one of the prime locations for a house and lot for sale in Laguna, Santa Rosa has many suburban communities that can accommodate people who are planning to relocate and get away from the toxic city life. Children can join prestigious school communities just a few minutes away from their homes.

Surrounding yourself with nature gives you a different perspective in life. You’ll learn to appreciate what you have more. Your connection to the earth is closer, as you appreciate the serenity your surroundings offer.

You won’t miss out on sales and the latest retail because of the many commercial and shopping establishments in Santa Rosa. Save up on money with great outlet deals, which are also available in shopping districts in the area. Now, you don’t have to go to the big malls or the north. Bypass the traffic and enjoy what Santa Rosa has to offer.

Enjoy various leisure activities such as a relaxing water taxi ride on a lake. Bikers can enjoy trails with Mount Makiling as your view. For runners, don’t worry, Santa Rosa also has various running trails. Enjoy local farms that are great for family activities and gatherings.

The appeal of Santa Rosa doesn’t stop here. Now with various industrial parks and special economic zones, there are more employment opportunities for job seekers. This city has attracted many expats and retirees looking for serenity in their busy lifestyle.



Calamba Laguna is not just a simple resort capital. The historical significance of this city also plays a part in its reputation. The current booming economy attracts local and foreign visitors. Industrialization opened the gates for various business opportunities in this city. Real estate investors are currently keeping a close eye on this progressive city.

North of Mount Makiling, you can find Calamba on its slopes. SLEX is mainly used to access this city. Similar to Santa Rosa, houses and lots for sale in Laguna, Calamba are mostly suburban homes.

Enjoy the wide open spaces and clean air. Let your kids play outside and enjoy the sun. The reduced amount of foot traffic and automobile traffic makes it generally safe and easy to drive and walk around in. Most premier real estate communities in Calamba have clubhouses and parks for the community to enjoy.

A gated community or subdivision of Calamba is guaranteed to be quieter than Metro Manila subdivisions. The lack of noise pollution builds better sleep patterns, you’ll feel more energized and cheerful with improved quality of sleep. Suburban living is calming. It’s warm and friendly, which is great for families and retirees who are looking for a community.


San Pablo

San Pablo city was previously part of Sampaloc. In 1571, the troops of Captain Juan de Salcedo converted Sampaloc into a parish and municipality until 1647. Sampaloc was renamed “San Pablo De Los Montes” to honor the patron saint, Saint Paul the First Hermit. The jurisdiction of San Pablo shifted constantly until 1883, forever solidifying its ties with Laguna. San Pablo is home to many hard working people. These people fought for their independence from the province of Laguna. On May 7, 1940, San Pablo was converted by President Manuel L. Quezon into an independent city.

San Pablo’s claim to fame is their succulent coconuts. They are known for their decadent buko pies, which are very popular among tourists. Join in the celebration of the Coconut Festival that humbly began in 1996. This celebration is held every second week of January. This festival aims to celebrate the coconut tree — a symbol of abundance in the Philippines.

Whilst joining this yearly celebration, you can enjoy the seven lakes of San Pablo Laguna. The lakes of San Pablo can be the centerpiece of your weekend escape from a long and heavy work week. Each lake has a diverse ecosystem alongside breathtaking views.

San Pablo Laguna isn’t complete without a premier first-class residential community. Town Centris by Next Asia is an affordable development that is perfect for starting families and retirees that want to be near the grand nature of San Pablo’s lakes.


Why Choose a House and Lot for Sale in Laguna?

Why Choose A House And Lot For Sale In Laguna

Retirees can shout for joy because of the various houses and lots for sale in Laguna. This province and its cities are one of the most popular places to settle down for retirement. Expats and retirees prefer the quiet and calm nature of Laguna. That’s just a fact. Did you know significant forms of pollution doesn’t just affect your physical health, but also your mental health?

Paint this picture of an individual living in Metro Manila. That person probably has to go to the north just to get a sustainable career. They would wake up at 4am-5am to get ready for work. Some may have cars, some don’t. But they all have the same problem, which is the drive or the commute. It takes too long and is quite stressful. They’re probably already tired from commuting, but going home takes a toll as well. Money that can easily eat up savings is spent on gas or bus tickets. Stress from work and commute can be attributed to unhealthy coping habits such as drinking, binging on food or smoking. Since traffic in the metro eats so much time, going to proper medical facilities can become a hassle. There might not be enough doctors at a certain time, especially for a busy individual.

Now, imagine a place that doesn’t have all these problems. You can wake up at the right time, the commute or drive is no hassle at all because of the lack of traffic. Going home is quick and easy, you have more time for yourself and loved ones. You’ll have access to the best medical facilities in case you need it. You can breathe in the fresh air every morning. Weekends are never boring, there’s so much to do, from nature-based activities or simply enjoying some light shopping.

This is the kind of house and lot for sale in Laguna that you’ll find. No hassle at all for you. Perfect for the retiree who’s looking for rest and relaxation. The cost of living in Laguna is also appealing for many expats as it’s not as expensive compared to others.


How Laguna Can Be Your Next Forever Home with NextAsia Land

With NextAsia, your next forever home is in Laguna. Whether it’s a house and lot for sale in Manila or elsewhere, trust that your investment will be of the highest quality while still remaining affordable. NextAsia is committed to providing strategically placed homes in Laguna that varies from single detached homes to duplex houses. Contact us or subscribe to our mailing list to get a quote and learn more about the wide range of properties we can offer. Our professional property consultants will ensure that all your questions and inquiries will be answered. Click here to get started on your forever home now with Next Asia!

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