Four Priorities When Finding an Affordable House and Lot

June 19, 2019
Four Priorities When Finding An Affordable House And Lot For Sale

What should you prioritize when house-hunting?

  1. Price
  2. Budget
  3. Quality
  4. Location


It’s recommended that you choose an affordable house and lot for sale in this ever-changing economy. First-time buyers can often make the mistake of overpaying for their desired property. It’s always better to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Having a good understanding of what you want can make the buying process easier.

The economy places so much strain on our young professionals and millennials that most housing as of late has become increasingly expensive. Many chose to opt for cheaper, rundown housing as compared to prioritizing an investment.

If you’re having a difficult time organizing your thoughts and priorities here are some ideas that can benefit you.



Pricing is the most important priority. In this economy, it’s always the best option to choose a house within your budget range. It can be very appealing to look at high-end homes and neighborhoods because of luxurious features and amenities. It’s very easy to get lost in the glamour of an opulent lifestyle. This is a big problem especially for the young generation because of social media. Most often, the younger generation is more concerned with image.

These concerns are valid but it can be detrimental to our bank accounts. Be wise and spend within your means. Your investment shouldn’t be equivalent to a status symbol. Owning a home is already an achievement within itself. Nothing is more satisfying than finally signing that final piece of paper that makes your investment officially yours.




To get started, create a budget for yourself. Having a limited budget can greatly influence your decisions in the right direction. Creating a budget plan gives you the advantage in knowing if you have enough money to invest in what you need or want.

With a budget, you’ll develop a safety net that makes sure that you have enough excess income to spend – for both emergencies and whims. In the process of investing in your new home, budgeting will keep your spending on track. Turning around your spending habits with a good budget can help you afford your investment faster.



Now that you have your budget set, it’s time to be wise about the quality of your affordable home. Affordable doesn’t always have to be equal to the word cheap. Cheaply made homes are great but the quality can deter faster compared to purchasing a well-developed property. The designs you should consider should focus on your individual requirements. Here are some qualities you should remember when browsing for a house and lot for sale:

  • Proper Ventilation

The house you choose should be properly ventilated. A home built with proper ventilation can let air flow properly, avoiding the cramped feeling altogether. Windows should be able to provide ample sunlight and ventilation.

Good ventilation can prevent moisture from building up inside the home. If moisture builds up, mold and mildew can grow in the walls, furniture, and flooring which can be a definite health hazard. Good airflow can also make sure that odors won’t stay too long indoors.

  • Design and Construction

The design you choose should utilize the space well. Awkwardly built spaces can make the house feel smaller. This directly coincides with ceiling heights. Higher ceilings can assist the airflow for proper ventilation, as well as giving the illusion of a more spacious room. Making a habit of checking the finish of each part of the home can help you make an informed decision before making the final purchase.

Signs of a low-quality build can start from shallow walls. These walls can bounce the sound from one room to another, eliminating the feel of privacy. Tiles and flooring should be applied smoothly with no cracks or broken pieces. Windows must be properly fitted with no faulty locks.




Location is another priority that matters. Choosing the right location can determine the accessibility to important facilities and the community you’ll take part in. To determine if your house and lot are in the right location, take a look at the surrounding facilities. For families, are the schools accessible through a carpooling service or drive? How far is your house from work? In case of emergencies, are there any hospitals nearby? Are there any nearby shopping malls? If the answers to these questions are mostly leaning towards the positive, you’ve found yourself a good house and lot to invest in.

The next would be your community. Communities can make or break your experience in your chosen neighborhood. Being a part of a healthy community with strong social foundations can positively impact families and individuals. As a person investing in a good community, you can influence your decisions for the betterment of other people and society. Society shouldn’t be isolated. Isolation is a toxic experience, especially as a human that needs to fulfill certain social requirements.

A neighborhood with a balanced and healthy community can help with the development of social skills and character among yourself and children. Overall, a good combination of the right location and community can make life easier and more fulfilling.


Key Takeaway

Using and remembering these priorities for your affordable house and lot for sale can make house-hunting an easier process. Keep this concept in mind, a house should be a place that is safe, it should provide shelter, and it should protect the occupants. Every potential resident has a right and privilege to own a house of their own.

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