Prime Locations in Manila to Consider for Your Future Home

July 2, 2019
Prime Locations In Manila To Consider For Your Future Home

What are the best areas to stay in Manila?

  1. Laguna
  2. Lipa
  3. Cavite


There are so many places in Metro Manila that it can be difficult to find the best place to settle down in. You might be thinking of choosing a house and lot for sale in Laguna or somewhere else. Starting out is a daunting task, no matter what age group you are in. The options you can find can easily become overwhelming and confusing.

Ask yourself, what are your priorities. As a starter family, it’s best to find a place that is accessible with only the best facilities that the whole family can maximize. Everyone needs to start off somewhere and hopefully with this brief guide, you can find the best location for you and your loved ones.




It’s overwhelming to think about what is the best area to stay in Manila. Why not take a trip further down south and take a look at Laguna? Laguna is popular as a tourist destination but as of late more people are settling down in this environmentally sustainable province. It’s all for good reason of course. The recent developments and infrastructure upgrades make it an optimal choice to settle down in.

If you want to bring yourself and your family closer to nature, pick Laguna as your future home. You can enjoy the various waterfalls, springs, rivers and the 90-hectare lake. It’s also home to Los Banos, a resort capital down south. You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the relaxing hot springs of Los Banos when you have a home in Laguna.

If you’re unsure if you have to travel far for employment or business opportunities, Laguna is able to answer that call. Laguna Technopark started its development back in 1989. This industrial estate now 460 hectares of light to medium, non-polluting enterprises from global and local markets. The Technopark produced over 100,000 employment opportunities according to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Laguna Technopark is equipped with only the highest quality facilities and infrastructures.

Now that we took a look at your possible employment opportunities, what about the people? How’s the community in Laguna? Laguna has a colorful community that is built under Spanish influence, this simply means that they place a great emphasis on religion and spirituality. Being closer to God also gives them a sense of Bayanihan. The people of Laguna are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to helping other people out. This is a province full of heart and anyone can take a chance to learn about Bayanihan.

Laguna also offers a number of reputable institutions, so that your family can get only the best education. No need to travel further back into the city to get a quality education. The plethora of private and public schools can help you and your child choose what’s best, all depending on your preferences and personal beliefs.

Laguna is one of the prime locations you should consider today. It’s the perfect getaway from the hectic city life without sacrificing accessibility and infrastructure. It’s a province mixed with modern and traditional culture that can enrich the whole family.



Another place that can answer the question of “what is the best area to stay in Manila?” is the city of Lipa. It’s approximately 80 kilometers south of Manila. Not only is it a popular leisure destination but it also boasts clean air. It’s a first-class city also known for its colder climate, which is just a bit warmer than Baguio

The city has an elevation of 1,025 feet above sea level and is protected by Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot. Both serving as a windbreaker from typhoons. If you want to experience a taste of Rome locally, you should check out Lipa. It’s known as the “Little Rome of the Philippines”. You can find churches, convents, retreat centers and seminaries. Any family who wants to place a great emphasis on peace and meditation will definitely enjoy the deep religious ties of Lipa.

Lipa is also listed as one of the Top 10 Next Wave cities, with the local economy thriving from various BPO firms. It’s a business-friendly city that’s ready for investments.




What’s the best area to stay in Manila other than Laguna and Lipa? Cavite is another great place to settle down in. The province of Cavite is rich in history and is recognized as one of the fastest growing places in the Philippines. You can also find great business districts and residential areas among the heritage spots, agricultural areas, and real estate developments.

Considering distance, Cavite is nearest to Metro Manila. It’s accessible through CAVITEX, Quirino Avenue, MCX and Marcos Alvarez. It also boasts a network of great roadwork, so you can travel around easily.

Cavite also gives residents good employment opportunities because of the IT parks and multinational companies available. If you’re worried about traveling far for employment, Cavite has you covered.


Key Takeaway

All these prime locations have everything you need to start a new home. Invest in the future by checking these locations. Be smart and give your family only the best. Hopefully, these locations can help you narrow down and find your most ideal choice.

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