History of NextAsia Land

August 8, 2019
History Of Nextasia Land

NextAsia Land began as a company that specialized in property development. Founded in 2012, the company had its start by buying, selling, and building lots within Ayala Alabang, Magallanes Village, and McKinley Hill, which are some of the country’s premium gated communities.

Since then, the company has been committed to providing affordable and accessible homes for Filipino Families. These homes are made with quality in mind. The designing, planning, and execution of these projects guarantee the best customer satisfaction. This helps set NextAsia apart from the competition, as the amount of work and effort put into these homes ensures that Filipino families are able to have the best living space within a vibrant community.


Behind the Name

The name NextAsia came about from the fast and steadily growing economy of Asia, which has become the world’s 4th largest economy. This inspired the company into growing towards becoming one of the Philippines’ largest real estate developers in South Luzon.


Time for Asia

Time For Asia

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia also comprises of three of the most prominent economies in the world, becoming arguably the largest market for a multitude of products and services. Along with having some of the most powerful economies in the world, Asia is also home to some of the fastest rising markets as well. Numerous countries in the region are experiencing huge economic growth, allowing them to develop their industries and expand their investments.

By 2025, it is expected that Asia will comprise two-thirds of the world’s population, eclipsing much of the Western hemisphere. This allows the continent to not only dominate the economy and dictate the world’s market but also reshape the world’s distribution of power. This growth and rising dominance can be attributed to the various projects that helped shaped Asian economic success, such as the Arab oil fields and infrastructure projects, the rising number of factories in China and Southeast Asia, hydroelectric plants in the Himalayas, the region becoming the top steel producer, and India’s software firms.

This massive influx of prosperity and development has put Asia in a direction towards beating the economies of Europe and the Americas, whose decades-long influence in the world’s market has been slowly declining in favor of a more diverse and competitive world economy in which Asia is continuing to thrive.

NextAsia Land Inc. aims to capitalize on these massive strides of growth and become one of the largest real estate companies in the country and perhaps, the region.

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