Getting the Best Deal with an Affordable House and Lot for Sale

May 2, 2019
Getting the Best Deal with an Affordable House and Lot for Sale

What are the important considerations when buying a house and lot for sale?

  1. Accessibility
  2. Community
  3. Location
  4. Neighborhood
  5. Value


An affordable house and lot for sale can still have the best features. Affordable doesn’t always mean cheap. Buying a new home not only secures shelter but also a land property under your name. Most families and Filipino youths aspire to own their own homes as part of their personal goals. The best deal for you should fit your preference and budget. Many also fail to think about the importance of community. If you’re choosing a house or a townhouse for sale, here are some factors to scrutinize to get the best deal for you:




Your new house should be accessible. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to commute. Even if you’re driving or taking public transportation, the commute process takes so much time. Your personal time is precious. It would be such a waste if the home you choose is not accessible.

Isolated homes certainly offer peace and quiet but sometimes difficult to access emergency facilities. Another advantage of accessibility, if you opt to choose it, is the proximity to work. Choosing the right home with a fair distance to your workplace makes a world of a difference. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Accessibility to emergency facilities (Clinics, Hospitals)
  • Accessibility to commercial facilities (Malls, shopping centers)
  • Accessibility to food establishments (Restaurants, bars, fast food)



Closely knit communities are underrated. A good community should enrich its people and keep them safe. Humans are created as social creatures. But that doesn’t mean that a family or individual has to sacrifice peace and quiet for the sake of the community. Anyone can still enjoy the benefits of a community without having to sacrifice individual serenity.

Community helps people feel more connected to society, sharing mutual ideas, needs and wants. Good communities offer a bigger understanding of other people. They provide a generally healthy atmosphere. There is a network of support, from needing a particular service to receiving good advice. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can inspire and bring in new ideas for the benefit of the community.



L is for location. Like accessibility, it’s important but in a different aspect. It’s not always about distance, location can affect your budget and your safety. Sometimes, cheap options can compromise your safety, especially if security is not focused in the area.

Choose locations that offer a strong infrastructure. Smooth and well-maintained roads can save you a trip to the repair shop. Avoid flood-prone areas that can potentially damage your surroundings and your own home. Earthquakes can easily devastate a community if it’s dropped on or near a fault line.




Research about any crime or incidents in your neighborhood. Safety is your top priority and if a neighborhood can’t provide this, opt for the safest option. As an informed consumer, always assess any risks that can immediately affect your personal security and safety. Remember to check:

  • Crime Rate
  • Local Community Events
  • Census Data
  • Word of Mouth Feedback



The value of a house can be determined by the selling price of recently sold properties in your chosen neighborhood. Location can also influence the affordable or steep pricing of a lot, especially in prime locations. Size is another common point that raises the overall value of the house and lot.

Be sure to compare the prices per square foot in order to get the best market price. Appraise the age and condition of your desired house and lot. The condition of the lot mostly determines how much the value will go. If there is any history that is leaning towards bad conditions, the price you pay might be lower than other offers. This can either be a good or bad thing for you, the future homeowner. Here are other points to check when determining the value of the house and lot:

  • Local Market Value
  • Usable Space
  • Upgrades
  • Supply and Demand
  • Interest Rates


Key Takeaway

Getting the best deal with an affordable house and lot for sale may look difficult but with the right information and guidance, it can be easy. Determine the accessibility of your future home. This can impact your way of life in a lot of obvious and subtle ways. From commuting to the access of hospitals, a good deal can always easily settle these common determinants. Allow yourself to participate in a good community and be part of something bigger. It’s easy to access for healthy socialization with other people.

Build a network of supportive individuals that enrich your quality of life. Locate the best area with good infrastructure to ensure your safety. Investigate local crime rates and trust the word of mouth around the area. It can save you a lot of trouble over time. Review the local market value. This makes sure that you are not being overcharged or enticed into unnecessary deals. At the end of the day, trust your gut when determining the best deal for your house and lot.

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