Experiencing Lipa: A Look into the First-Class City of Batangas

May 2, 2019
Experiencing Lipa A Look into the First-Class City of Batangas

What makes Lipa a first-class city?

  1. Location
  2. Tourism
  3. Environmentally sustainable
  4. Community


Being part of a community is important for families looking for a house and lot for sale, may it be in Laguna or Batangas. A community is a group of people living and working together in the same area. A good community helps and solves problems together. Being part of a community means sharing similar ideas, goals, and beliefs.

Lipa City is a breathtaking and environmentally sustainable community. The city is above 1,025 feet above sea level. It’s 5 degrees colder than cities in Manila. The city is protected by two mountains: Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot. These two mountains are some of the natural attractions of Lipa. They also serve as a shield for typhoons. It’s 45 minutes away from Makati by Star Tollway and is also less prone to floods and landslides.



Lipa City is located in the province of Batangas. It’s approximately 78 kilometers south of Manila. The average yearly temperature of Lipa is 28 degrees Celsius and is usually higher during the typhoon season. Lipa is known to be the “little Rome of the Philippines”.




Lipa is home to many world-class tourist attractions. It’s the perfect city to visit in the south for pilgrims and people on vacation.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian is a consecrated landmark that can be traced back to April 30, 1605. The church was built with Roman traditions. The columns and arches feature a vertical sequence to further emphasize the shadows and light. The top of the church is a hemisphere featuring a bell tower with stained glass windows. The ceiling is painted with religious images along with a spiral staircase then leads to the church balcony.

Casa Segunda is named after Segunda Solis Katigbak who is widely known as the first love of Jose Rizal. The house is designed with a prominent Spanish influence. The stonework and patterns are the “Bahay na Bato” design which was popular at the time. Even if the house was damaged in 1942 because of the world war, the house was remodeled by Paz Luz Dimayuga, the daughter of Segunda. Decades later, the grandchildren of Paz restored the house and garden in 1996.

The Farm at San Benito is a wellness resort that emphasizes environmental friendliness and sustainability. It’s a multi-award winning resort that provides natural and holistic medically supervised programs. The Farm has won internationally acclaimed awards such as “The Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World” from SENSES Germany. This wellness resort features a fully immersed detoxification program that uses fasting and rich vegetables combined with physical fitness programs that aim to eliminate toxic and harmful substances in the body.


Environmentally Sustainable

Renewable energy comes from clean sources that can be replenished, unlike fossil fuels. Examples of renewable energy include solar, hydro, and wind energy. Photovoltaic cells are made from silicon that can transform sunlight into energy. Solar farms can harness the power of the sun using mirrors to focus sunlight on solar cells. Wind energy is the cheapest energy source among the three types of clean energy. Turbines use the power of the wind to feed the electric generator and help it produce electricity. Hydroelectric energy uses a strong outburst of water or a rapid source of water to rotate generator turbines. Typically, the generators are located at the bottom of the water source.

De La Salle Lipa has joined the renewable energy bandwagon. The university has made an effort to use geothermal power as the main source of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and instead of using traditional coal plants.

Nestle Philippines, Inc. has converted into using renewable energy for its manufacturing facility in Lipa. Nestle uses geothermal energy that harnesses steam from molten rocks and heat that collects beneath the earth’s surface. The water is then returned to the reservoir and helps retain and regenerate the source of steam.




Lipa City encourages the formation of a community. The rehabilitated Lipa City Community Park, in the first phase of construction, allows for tourists and locals to gather and enjoy outdoor activities together. In this day and age, technology has caused the recluse of the youth and millennials. The facilities of this park include pet-friendly areas, a covered pool, a playground set, and a mini football field. More people can enjoy an authentic connection with other residents by engaging with each other in this park.

The religious community of Lipa boasts a tightly knit community of devotees. Lipa brings peaceful camaraderie and applies it to the real world. Citizens of Lipa enjoy the various churches and religious activities throughout the yearly calendar. The city is friendly for families or individuals seeking to have a renewed relationship with their surroundings.


Key Takeaway

Lipa is a city built on community. If you’re planning to look for a house and lot for sale in Laguna or Batangas, Lipa is a great choice due to its commercialization and emphasis on environmental sustainability as well as religious heritage.

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