Experience True Living At Affordable Houses And Lots For Sale

Experience True Living in an Affordable House and Lot for Sale

Modern. Stylish. Affordable. Experience urban living at NextAsia Land’s affordable houses and lots for sale. NextAsia Land aims to improve our resident’s quality of life by creating multiple housing and townhouse developments around the Metro. Whether it’s a house and lot for sale in Manila or elsewhere, each neighborhood is catered to the needs of specific individuals, partners, and families looking to purchase a new home. Here are some perks to living within a NextAsia Land subdivision.


NextAsia Dasmariñas at Garden Grove

Nextasia Dasmariñas At Garden Grove

NextAsia Dasmariñas offers affordable houses and lots for sale that encapsulate what it means to live in southern comfort. Each home is meticulously designed to be a specimen of stylish and practical home living. To top it all off, this neighborhood is found within Dasmariñas City’s Garden Grove Village, a secure location fit for all kinds of families. Here are some fun activities you can explore with your friends and family.


Outdoor Activities

Situated along Aguinaldo Highway, The Orchard Golf & Country Club is an exclusive facility where people of all ages can come together for a good time. If you’re looking to have a fun day with friends, try shooting some hoops at the basketball court or playing a few games of billiards and darts. If you would rather have some alone time, check out the club’s golf course or avail of its massage & spa services.

If you’re an adventure seeker, take a 30-minute trip to Carmona and paraglide through the skies of Cavite. Glide through the air with the utmost safety as you are strapped to your given registered partner, a professional who knows the ins and outs of your parachute. For a small fee, you can even rent out a GoPro to record your thrill-seeking adventure.

Just an hour away from Dasmariñas is Tali Beach, a popular destination for groups of friends to enjoy a beachside vacation. Bring your own equipment and go snorkeling to fully experience its vast marine life. If you want an adrenaline rush, sign up for one of Tali Beach’s most anticipated activities: cliff diving.



Museo De La Salle is located within the campus of De La Salle University- Dasmariñas. It is home to pieces of history that provide a look into the lifestyle of the Filipino ilustrados of the past. It has tours of rooms that are decked with antique drapes, furniture, and portraits from floor to ceiling. If you’re interested in taking a walk through history, then consider giving this place a shot.

A quick 30-minute drive to Tagaytay can lead you to a place that showcases the art of glass sculpting, Museo Orlina. It was created to celebrate the works of Ramon Orlina, the pioneer of glass sculpting in the Philippines. Take a look at works of art that will defy the way you understand the limitations of glass. The museum is easily accessible for just Php100, with a special discount given to students and senior citizens with valid IDs.

Enter the famous “House of History,” which was home to President Emilio Aguinaldo. Located in Kawit, Cavite, a road trip from Dasmariñas will take you to the museum that displays the late President’s life. It spans all the way from his early years until the war against the United States. It also includes artifacts that educate visitors on the key role Cavite had during the revolution.


Beautiful Churches

Dasmariñas Church, also called Immaculate Conception Parish Church, was the first Catholic parish church established in Dasmariñas. It is also a convent known as the site of the Battle of Perez Dasmariñas during the Philippine Revolution. It is completely made of stone and was declared an important historical structure by the National Historical Institute in 1986.

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish is more commonly known as The Imus Cathedral. It was founded by Augustinian Recollect Priests and was originally located in Toclong (a barangay of Kawit, Cavite). In 1961, it was declared the Seat of the Diocese of Imus and eventually became the Mother Church of the Province of Cavite

Considered one of the oldest churches in Cavite is Saint Gregory the Great Parish Church. Also called Indang Church, its walls are unique from others as it is made of coral, pumice, and adobe. It’s covered with unique hand-painted designs, with the most notable one being the ceiling for its three-dimensional illusion.


Fun for The Kids

Bring your children to Kidzoona, a magical place full of toys, ball pits, and inflatables. They can mingle with other children as they enjoy playing dress up, going up and down the slides, and playing with building blocks. The place itself is located within SM City Dasmariñas so you can go for a bite to eat afterward.

If your kid loves animals, take a trip to the Cavite City Botanical and Zoological Park, located near NextAsia Land’s affordable houses and lots for sale. The Cavite City Mini Zoo has an impressive collection of creatures that you and your family can explore. You will be able to see different species of mammals (tigers), birds (owls, ostriches), as well as reptiles (crocodiles, snakes).

Located in Tagaytay is the Puzzle Mansion, considered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Biggest Puzzle Collection. The puzzle master of the record was Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna, who completed 1,500+ puzzles before her passing in 2015. The mansion itself is not just an impressive museum of puzzles, it also has an infinity pool and a bed & breakfast.


Town Centris by NextAsia Homes

Town Centris By Nextasia Homes

Town Centris by NextAsia Homes is a residential community less than an hour away from Metro Manila. This neighborhood is ideal for first-time home buyers with its elegantly designed but affordable houses and lots for sale. Located in Calamba, Laguna, the village is surrounded by a diverse set of sites that showcase the country’s history and its natural reservoir. Here are a few key spots to see in the area.


National Landmarks

Rizal Shrine, also called Museo Ni Jose Rizal Calamba, showcases replicas of key moments in the life of national hero Jose Rizal’s life. It is situated in Rizal’s actual home, which was converted into the museum to immortalize his accomplishments. Galleries showcase his formal schooling, his journey to Europe, and the writing of Noli Me Tangere.

Nagcarlan Church is a popular church along the Laguna Loop that is also known as St. Bartholomew the Apostle. It was built during the Spanish colonial era and was made of a number of materials such as nipa & wood, stone & bricks, and eventually adobe. The church is frequented as a pilgrimage site and is the top place to visit for Visita Iglesias.

The Rizal Re-Creation Center is a retreat center that aims to provide its visitors with a relaxing stay in nature. It is surrounded by coconut palms and is located at the foot of Mt. San Cristobal. This place is an ideal bonding destination that has amenities such as a pool with a slide, a playing field, and even team building activities.


Relaxing Hot Springs

Hot springs are the perfect natural de-stressors. The heat from the water has multiple positive effects on the body such as improved blood circulation and a boosted immune system. There are different hot springs to choose from all around the affordable houses and lots for sale in Town Centris.

You can check into Hot Spring Resorts all around Laguna. This gives you access to the springs as well as your own personal rooms. Not only can you and your family enjoy the relaxing hot springs here, but you can also pair it with some refreshing drinks and snacks.

Some of the hot springs in Laguna are hidden within the forest, such as the one found between Mount Banahaw and Mount Makiling. These spring pools are formed from years and years of natural evolution. Take a trip with your loved ones to these hidden hot springs if you’re looking for a little more privacy.


Exciting Activities

Enchanted Kingdom is a well-known world-class theme park found in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The magnitude of its rides and attractions is unlike anything else in the Philippines. Bring along your family, friends, and other loved ones to explore all the rides and sights around the park. Don’t worry, they have maps of the parks that can help you plan your itinerary.

Mt. Romelo is found in Siniloan, Laguna and contains easy trails for first-time hikers. These trails take only 2 hours to complete and will lead you to a base campsite. From there, you can explore different astonishing waterfalls such as Buruwisan Falls, Batya-Batya Falls, and Sampaloc falls. If you want to feel like the king/queen of the jungle, there are also strong vines found along the waterfalls you can swing from.

Lake Pandin in San Pablo, Laguna is part of the “City of Seven Lakes” that also includes Lake Yambo, Bunot, Sampaloc, Mohicap, Palapakin, and Kalibato. You can choose to take a Bamboo raft tour from Lake Pandin all the way to the other side, which is Lake Yambo. This rafting tour also includes different kinds of seafood for you to enjoy on your trip.


Tourist Hotspots

If you’ve always been curious about surfing, there are specialty camps you can explore around the area. They provide you with amenities such as bungalows situated near the beach. Each surfing camp also has reputable trainers to help you learn the basics in the safest way possible.

Republic Wake Park is a man-made wakeboarding lake. Professionals are there to teach you the right techniques. If you’re ready to tackle more difficult techniques, there are obstacles such as ramps and elevated spaces for you to try.

If you enjoy going through obstacle courses, Camp N at Nuvali is definitely a must-try destination for you. It is home to Asia’s longest roller coaster zip line which is an impressive 280 meters. If you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, they have a freefall course that you can avail of for only Php200.


NextAsia Lipa

Nextasia Lipa

Found in the heart of Lipa’s vibrant business district, NextAsia Lipa is easily accessible to all the major roads coming from Manila and other provinces. This village is home to affordable houses and lots for sale made of the highest quality of materials. The area where the neighborhood is located is also less populated, ensuring a Zen environment that would provide its residents with a peaceful and relaxing stay. Here is a list of adventures you can embark upon around the area.



Pinkie’s Farm is located in Lipa, Batangas. This dairy farm is home to a number of grass-fed cows that produce high-quality milk. They have farm tours available for interested parties. In these tours, you will learn how to hand-milk a cow, how to make butter, and how to make pastillas.

The Old Grove Farmstead is a picturesque representation of farms that you see in Western entertainment. Ponies, chickens, sheep, and other animals freely roam the property. Feel free to take pictures of them as well as in front of the big red barn. This is a good place to make memories with your kids.

Honey House Honey Bee Farm is a family run organic business, with their honey farm being located right in their backyard. Their shop can be found at the front of their house, with a store set up where you can avail of their different kinds of products. This is a unique educational experience that will teach you the history of your favorite sweetener.


Historical Buildings

The Casa De Segunda is the ancestral home of the Luz-Katigbak clan. If the name sounds familiar it is because the house is named after the first love of national hero Jose Rizal, Segunda Solis Katigbak. Her descendants preserved the ancient Spanish looking home and opened it for the public to explore.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian is also called Lipa Cathedral. It was constructed with a Romanesque architectural design in mind. This means that it is full of arches, columns, and a big circular dome. The dome illuminates a majority of the places due to specially positioned windows designed within it.

Museo De Lipa takes a look into the city’s history. It displays equipment used to make products, clothes saved for important events, unique pieces of furniture, and other artifacts. Visual pieces of art such as sketches and photo galleries are also showcased within the museum. Some items are loaned to the museum by specialty artifact collectors.


Delicious Restaurants

Cafe De Lipa is a coffee shop that specializes in making and serving Barako, a kind of coffee bean only grown in Batangas and Cavite. Their goal is not to produce an ideal cup of coffee, but to match you with a coffee that perfectly suits you.

The Bee Hive Farm and Kitchen is considered the “first honey restaurant in Batangas.” It was an ancestral home that was eventually converted into a restaurant. You are free to take a tour of the bee farm located on the grounds itself.

Kainan Sa Dalampasigan is not situated near the water, but it does serve a menu full of dishes that highlight the flavor of fresh seafood. The presentation of the food is also very appetizing, with the dishes being served on banana leaves. The design of the restaurant is so that the customers can be one with nature. Everywhere you look, you’ll see flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Beach Trip

Laiya is a popular barangay in San Juan, Batangas. Known for its white sand beaches and clear waters, this area is a hotspot for people who want to take a break from the city. If you want to find yourself face to face with its marine wildlife, resorts in the area offer snorkeling equipment for rent.

The beauty of Nasugbu lies in its view of the sparkling ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see. You have multiple choices in terms of housing such as beach resorts, houses for rent, and even campsites for those who want to get down and dirty. If you would rather go sunbathing to de-stress, some of these places house luxury infinity pools.

Anilao is a destination known to passionate sea divers. If you truly want to feel one with the sea, then this is a good destination to go to. Come and see how it earned the nickname, “The Philippines’ Diving Mecca.”


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